Start The Blog

Hi everyone!

I didn’t plan on posting today.

I don’t have any makeup reviews or new products to rave about, BUT recent changes in my life have led me to reflect on the importance of empowering yourself to empower others; more specifically the importance of women empowering women.

I’ve been forced to make some stressful career decisions that have put me in a place of uncertainty and extreme self-doubt at times. Over the last year and a half, my family and I have been in the slow process of healing from a devastating loss of a son and a brother. Through these ups and downs, I made the decision to take a step back and make a more conscious effort to take care of myself.

Through all the loss, tough decisions, and set-backs life has recently thrown at me, I’ve come to realize these perceived struggles have empowered me to start to become the real “me”. I won’t allow myself to be subjected to a toxic work environment. I won’t disregard the importance of my own physical and mental health.

My own fear of failure or rejection has held me back from doing so many things in my life, but now I’ve decided I can’t do that disservice to myself. Life is too short.

All this is to say, ladies…

Ask for the raise at work, go back to school, book the flight, start the blog

Whatever it is—–do it!





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